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The Protégé program was developed by our Founder's Professors of Piano and allows young artists to travel, meet, and perform with other young musicians nationwide. Every summer, Protégés meet and perform at different venues. Having the opportunity to travel and perform offers students a chance to showcase their musical talent to the world as well as opens their eyes to new experiences in different cultures, foods, and arts, and leaves long lasting memories. Students will perform on stage, in beautiful halls, and at music festivals across the country. We have traveled to New York City, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, Boston, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, San Diego, Toronto, and more. Each time our students step onto stage, they are often awestruck by the performance venue and thankful to their teachers, parents, and fellow musicians for such memorable performing arts experiences. 


We are currently working on adding international travels for 2023!

Prescreening Requirements

Teachers must submit their students' prescreen recordings between September 1 - October 31.

  • Video recording of an audition program meeting the repertoire requirements listed below.

  • You must also submit a complete repertoire list of all works performed or studied at the time of application.

All pieces must be presented from memory.

Video recordings must be unedited and produced without artificial enhancement such as echo or electronic reverb. Performance instruments must also be of adequate quality and in tune. 

Live Audition

Select applicants will be invited to a live audition based on prescreening review. If you are invited, you will be scheduled for one of the following audition dates (TBD), and your teacher will receive your schedule by email 2 weeks prior to your audition:

  • January - SF

  • February  - SJ

  • March - Marin

  • April  - East Bay

All pieces must be presented from memory.

You may be asked by any of the judges to play scales or arpeggios, or sight read a piece of music.

A written exam will be administered on the day of your live audition.

Repertoire Requirements

Grades: 1-5:

  • Any two contrasting pieces, no longer than 3 minutes each.


Grades: 6-12:

  • Vocalists: any two contrasting pieces

  • Instrumentalists (other than pianists): any two contrasting pieces from Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary, Pop, Jazz

  • Pianists: any two of these:

    • a substantial work from the Baroque period

    • a work from the Classical period  (preferably a movement of a sonatina or sonata by Haydn, Mozart, or Beethoven),

    • a romantic work demonstrating considerable technical accomplishment

    • a twentieth or twenty-first century work of your choice

All pieces must be presented from memory.

Submitting Your Students' Applications 

Applications must be submitted by your music instructor. Teachers interested in submitting their students' applications may inquire about our program by sending us an email on our Contact page. We will provide you with a link to submit your students' applications and recordings between September 1- October 31.

Application Fee:​ $275


Program Fee: TBD

Cost per person varies each year depending on the venue, cost of flights, accommodations, food, and other logistics. We typically receive a large discount for group travels and accommodations. All family members traveling with our students must cover their own costs.

Performance Date: TBD

Travel and performance dates are generally schedule between July-August. Dates will be announced by mid April.

For more information, please visit PerformingProtégé.org .

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