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everyday  DAY  CAMPS
(ages 3 - 5)

Why our DAY CAMPS are
to any preschool program.

​​Our Day Camps model after our After School Enrichment camps & classes. Your preschoolers won't merely be playing with puzzles, stuffed animals, or LEGOS. Each hour, your child will participate in a variety of fun and stimulating hands-on STEM, Art, Music, Dance, Baking, LEGO Robotics, Sign Language & Spanish, and Sports activities and instructions that will engage their minds and develop their eye-hand coordination, gross and fine motor skills as well as their creativity and critical thinking. Our DAY CAMP classes are taught by our highly qualified instructors with degrees or years of experience in music, engineering, science, or art. Some classes are even taught by our Founder!


Our Founder meticulously created the curriculum for our DAY and After School camps through her 15 years of teaching her own nieces and nephews and rearing them to become well-rounded, sophisticated, creative, confident, and talented young adults. Each day with their aunt was filled with thought-provoking, inspiring, and entertaining activities ranging from physics, chemistry, biology, math & puzzles to violin & piano lessons to learning a foreign language, painting with watercolor or drawing, baking, writing, and more.  Here at enBRIDGEment, each child is treated no differently than her own niece or nephew.

Your child will never be bored at our DAY CAMPS! 

Morning Camps:

1. Tues & Thurs:
-STEM & LEGO Robotics

2. Mon, Wed, Fri:
-Math, Numbers & Puzzles
- Baking
- Art
-Sign Language 

Our camp offers the most engaging hands-on science and STEM program in the Bay Area. Your child will participate in 3 types of fun & stimulating activities in each camp:

STEM- science, LEGO robotics,

Art- drawing, painting, watercolor,



STEM- math, numbers & puzzles,

Baking- mixing. kneading & rolling,

Art- drawing, painting, watercolor,

Sign Language.

Our art activities focus on the basics of visual arts and challenge the child’s inventiveness, helping to develop their imagination and stimulates critical thinking. We have also developed our own robotics program to help kids as young as 3 years old enjoy building robots. These activities also help kids further develop social and emotional skills as they will learn to work with their peers on various projects.




Afternoon Camps:


1. Tues & Thurs:

-Awesome Science




2. Mon, Wed, Fri:




Let your child’s creative spirit run free! Whether it’s dancing, singing, jumping, playing sports or relaxing, your tiny ones will enjoy our afternoon camps, filled with fun & energetic movements!


We offer two afternoon camps. We’ll be dancing, singing, clapping, and playing various musical instruments including egg shakers, drums, ukulele, piano, and more. After our physical activities, our little ones will wind down during our yoga hour. Yoga helps kids to reduce anxiety, enhance gross & fine motor skills, increase confidence, improve classroom behavior, memory and concentration, promote mindfulness, and foster a sense of community and belonging in a healthy, non-competitive group.


Afternoon Camps: 12pm-3pm 

Late Afternoon Camps: 3pm-5:30pm

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Kid Painting
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