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Enrichment classes 
kids & adults

fun. creative. enriching.

Exceptional and quality instructions provided by local professional artists, musicians, dancers, engineers, coders, and athletes.

Course Descriptions

STEM, Robotics, Coding, VR

Robotics & Coding

Whether you have a son who’s in preschool or a daughter that’s going on six years old, enBRIDGEment offers robotics classes that children as young as pre-kindergartners can enjoy. Our junior robotics engineering classes use educational kits like LEGO® WeDo™ Robots to create a perfect mixture of fun and imagination that can help expand your young child’s creative mind. We introduce students to robot design and computer programming using basic machine principles to create robots capable of performing simple tasks.

Invention Lab

Raise our kids to think outside the box! Our Founder created this class to help raise the next generation of innovative thinkers and creative solution-seekers. She believes that being constantly exposed to STEAM stimulates the young minds to perform better in all aspects of life. Our Founder studied many different fields and graduated with multiple degrees in Music, Electrical Engineering, French Literature, and a JD in Law. She worked as an Intellectual Property/Patent attorney for several years where she assisted scientists, engineers, and inventors to secure patents for new products and solutions for tech companies as well as individual inventors. This class mimics the scenarios of her real-life professional experiences. Students will step into the shoes of scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and artists to solve a set of problems by working individually and/or in teams to come up with creative and unique inventions that effectively overcome the problem. Students will have an awesome time doing hands-on projects to invent innovative products and solutions with the materials provided.



Experience the awe of traveling through space and orbiting the Earth! Our innovative and immersive technology provides an awesome virtual experience that takes the students on a voyage beyond their imaginations! We’ll explore our galaxy – the moon, sun, stars, Mars, blackholes, and more. Students will get a perspective of our Earth like they’ve never seen before - through the eyes of an astronaut. Each week, we’ll take a journey to a different world, a different time, a different dimension. We’ll travel to ancient Rome, ancient Egypt, dinosaur’s time without actually leaving the room. Students will experience the magic of virtual reality for each environment in full 360, looking all around them and imagining themselves being there. Oculus Quest headsets will be provided to students during class.


We’ve created an awesome curriculum for each LanguageVR class. Our classes are taught by native speakers. In regular language classes, students have very little chance to practice speaking with native speakers since there is often one teacher per class. With our innovative LanguageVR technology, students will learn a set of modules (with certain vocabs, phrases, and grammar) each week, then they’ll step into stunning and authentic places to practice speaking in a real-life scenario! They’ll visit Paris cafes, boulangeries, and boutiques to order crepes, croissants, and clothes in French, or go to Rome and Florence to see splendid art galleries and practice speaking with the natives. This program allows students to genuinely engage in real conversations with native speakers without feeling stressed or embarrassed. We have seen students progressed ten folds as they eagerly immerse themselves into these amazing cultural experiences while having a blast learning to speak a beautiful language.

Math Explorations

Math, math, math! Math is everywhere we look! Join this fun class while we go inside and outside to explore how math is crucial in our everyday life! We'll become engineers, chemists, architects, chefs and artists! We'll learn to count, multiply, divide, and measure to design building and structures, use geometric shapes and Pythagorean Theorem to determine how tall a tree or building is, use fractions to prepare a dish with various recipes, look at sports and determine the speed of a traveling ball in a tennis or baseball game, and understand speed limit, miles per hour and how to calculate estimated arrival time shown on GPS systems. We'll form teams and play math games and create complex mazes and puzzles while having a blast developing our critical thinking skills.

Invention lab- kids.jpg

Awesome Science

We are not kidding when we say that we offer the widest and most fun STEM curriculum in the Bay Area! With a strong background in engineering, biology, chemistry, and medicine, our Founder along with our physician CEO and our team of techies, carefully created each project for this class to give our young students a variety of awesome STEM experiences from building mini boats and ships out of different material such as clay, wood and plastic to observe the concept of buoyancy, play games such as throwing and dropping balls of different weights and materials and calculating their speeds by measuring the distance and using a stopwatch to determine the amount of time the balls are in the air, build mini airplanes and study the concept of aerodynamics and how airplanes are able to fly, and learn about different kinds of forces, motions, and kinetic-potential energy by observing and building catapults and air cannons. We'll also have fun learning about mammals, marine biology, ecology and more! Come join us as we discover, investigate, design, and create!

Music Class

Group Piano/ Group Guitar

Group Piano:

Kids will learn to play the piano in a fun environment with their friends and peers. Students will learn many finger techniques as well as how to play different styles of music including Classical, Jazz, Boogie, and more!

Group Guitar:

Learn to play guitar or ukulele with us! You’ll learn acoustic, classical, flamenco, finger-style and electric guitar. We introduce students to different styles of music, allowing them to get a well-rounded sense of the many ways to play the guitar. Soon you’ll be jazzing & rocking your guitar!   

kids guitar class 2.jpg

Voice Class

The program introduces singers to proper use of voice by learning vocal techniques and breathing exercises. Young singers will quickly build confidence in their voice as they learn to sing together and develop their voices to sing different repertoire from Jazz, Disney, Classical to Pop. Let's have fun singing!   


Violin Class

The violin is one of the world's most loved instruments. Learning to play the violin/ viola is as rewarding as it is beautiful to hear. In this class, students will develop ensemble playing, good intonation, rhythmic skills and bowing techniques. Students will have an opportunity to perform together at our annual recitals at the end of each session. 

String Quartets

Calling young violinists, violists, and cellists! Come and learn to play beautiful music in an ensemble setting with your peers. You’ll have great fun playing in a string quartet while developing a keen ear to listen to your other players and stay in tempo with them. We’ll play all sorts of music from Classical to Jazz to Rock and more. Students should have at least 1-3 years of private instructions to register for this class.  

Piano Orchestra

Picture 400 FINGERS… 80 HANDS… and 20 PIANOS… all playing at once! Come join our Piano Orchestras and perform with us! It’s electrifying, exciting, and full of energy! Your child will have such an amazing experience creating music and performing with their peers and will stay with us year after year.  Pianists often don’t have an opportunity to perform in an orchestra or with other musicians, therefore, joining a Piano Orchestra brings performers a unique and fun experience. Performance date will be announced by your conductor sometime during rehearsals. There’s a mandatory dress rehearsal the day before the concert. Be sure to choose the appropriate level for your child. The child’s piano teacher can view the music sheets for each level to determine which Piano Orchestra the child should register for.     


Piano, guitar, ukulele, voice, violin, viola, cello, and drums. We provide private one-on-one lessons to students as young as 3 years old. Students will study with instructors who have over 10-20 years of teaching and performing experience. Lessons are tailored to each student’s needs and interests. Learn to play songs from Classical, Romantic, Jazz, Boogie, Pop, and more! All ages and levels. Lessons are held in your home or at our school location.

Shake, Rattle & Rock

Music helps little minds the new words, colors, shapes and sounds while working on the hand-eye coordination and sharing skills. We’ll be dancing, singing, clapping, and playing various musical instruments including egg shakers, drums, ukulele, piano, and more. All children are encouraged to strum, pluck, and tap along as we play familiar songs and are introduced to new sounds and instruments.

Music Class

Art Class

Watercolor, Pastel, Pencil Drawing

Students will learn about fundamental painting principles, they also learn about color theory and fine detail about watercolor painting, pastel or pencil drawing. 

kids art class.jpg

Oil & Acrylic Painting

If you love to experiment with the fusion of shades and tones, oil/acrylic painting is that specialization of fine arts that brings out the uniqueness in your creativity. 

kids photography.jpg

Mosaic Art

Does your child like to draw or paint? If so, they must try something new and super fun - MOSAIC ART! A mosaic is a style of art made out of small pieces of tile, glass, stone or any materials assembled together. When these pieces are carefully placed with color and size, they can create awesome geometric designs or even pictures. Creating mosaic art helps to develop a student's strategic thinking and increase their visual language skills, focusing skills, and self-esteem as well as reduce anxiety.

Photography & Filming

Photography is a great way to allow kids to explore and expand their creativity. In this fun filled photography class, kids will learn about the incredible process that takes place inside their camera every time they take a picture. They will explore their creativity by experimenting different techniques and types of photography both indoor and outdoor. They will get the opportunity to create camera obscura and understand how photography started. Kids will have the incredible experience of exploring many of the different effects they can achieve in their photos. They will also learn to be creative in the way they frame their images by taking pictures from different perspectives, working on abstract images and learning to explore whilst they photograph. Digital and film cameras will be provided to students during class.

Cool Crafts & Engineering 

If your kids love making things with their hands, then they’ll fall in love with these fun crafts we’ll make! Each week, kids will explore how to make different crafts using different materials. They’ll create wind chimes, Ferris wheels, beautiful music boxes, frisbees, dream catchers, kites, glowing lanterns, glowing & glitter magic wands, disco balls, night lamps and more! Crafting is a form of self-expression, and every child will create the same object differently. It also involves a lot of engineering and mathematical skills. Students will learn about geometric shapes such as isosceles and equilateral triangles, areas & perimeters, degrees of angles such as right angles, how to use a protractor to draw and carve perfect circles for their creations, how to measure in inches and centimeters and more! Crafting involves both left & right brain and strengthens hand coordination and while improving fine motor skills. All materials included.


Creative Sewing for Kids

Learning to sew both clothing & crafts allows your children to broaden their sewing knowledge and skills. Kids will sew and take home their own stuffed animal, mini pillows, gloves, socks, masks, and more! Projects are designed for kids to achieve their very best and be able to succeed as they learn a new skill! Sewing helps with math, creativity, problem solving, and hand eye coordination and more!  

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