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After School Camps

(grades k-5)

afterschool - 5:30 pm

Why join our after school camps?

We offer awesome classes that engage your child and stimulate their amazing mind with our fun, hands-on STEM, Art, Music, Dance, Robotics and Sports activities. 


Our Founder meticulously created the curriculum for our after school camps through her 15 years of experience in teaching her own nieces and nephews and rearing them to become well-rounded, sophisticated, creative, confident, and talented young adults. Each day was filled with fun, stimulating activities from science, math & puzzles to violin & piano lessons to painting, watercolor, baking, writing, and more. 

At our after school camps, our students won't be sitting around doing their own thing but will participate in many activities that develop their critical thinking as well as their social skills. Each class is taught by our highly qualified instructors with degrees or years of experience in music, engineering, science, or art. Our students take control of their own learning! They get to choose which classes to take each hour they're with us. We constantly have 3-4 classes running simultaneously - STEM, Art, Music, Dance, Baking, Sewing, Sports and Yoga. Your child will never be bored!

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, our camps consist of the following activities (we may change or add new classes):

STEM- science & math


Robotics & Coding - LEGO Robotics, coding & game design

Art, Music, Dance - drawing, painting, watercolor, hip hop, group piano & guitar



On Tuesdays and Thursdays, our camps consist of the following activities (we may change or add new classes):


Creative Sewing, Beading, Baking - mixing, kneading & rolling


Art - drawing, painting, watercolor, manga


Sports & yoga 


Come learn and have a blast with us!

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